Executive Secretary of the Southern Province lauds UR Huye campus for defeating Genocide Ideology

On the 22nd April 2015, as the University of Rwanda (UR) Huye campus was holding its particular day of commemorating the Genocide against Tutsis, the Executive Secretary of the Southern Province, Mrs Jeanne Izabiriza commended UR Huye campus students and staff for their efforts to defeat the Genocide Ideology.
Mrs Izabiriza expressed that while recalling that this year’s commemoration activities focused on the fight against the genocide ideology and UR Huye campus differently from the past years, in this year did not record any case of that ideology."We express our thankfulness to the management of the University of Rwanda Huye campus, students and staff for their active participation in this year’s commemoration activities. When we remember atrocities of Genocide against Tutsis, we defeat people who still have Genocide ideology". Let me take this opportunity to thank UR Huye campus community for defeating genocide ideology. In the past years, we used to have cases of Genocide ideology here but this year there was no case of that ideology recorded at this campus”, Executive Secretary of the Southern Province stated.

In her speech, principal of the College of Arts and Social Sciences who doubles also as Resident Principal of UR Huye campus Dr. Usta Kaitesi condemned the behavior of students and staff at the former NUR who participated in the Genocide. She explained that at that time, the mentioned university had a motto with good message “Light and Salvation of the People” but they contradicted it by acting as agents of darkness or evil. Speaking about the difference between current students and staff of University of Rwanda and their counterparts of before 1994, Dr. Kaitesi indicated that there is a big difference between those two categories since today’s university students and staff are striving for building a good country whereby any discrimination has no place.

On behalf of UR Huye campus students who survived the Genocide against Tutsis, Mr. Justin Rutikanga asserted that they are grateful to the members of the former Rwanda Patriotic Front Army which saved them. He also praised the government of Rwanda for its policies geared to sustain unity and reconciliation as well as survivors’ welfare. Mr. Justin Rutikanga took this opportunity to make a promise that youth will no longer accept to be used as the main workforce in destructive actions like it was the case in the Genocide against Tutsis.

Every year UR Huye Campus organizes its particular day of commemorating the Genocide against Tutsis. This day marks the first date of extreme killings in the former Prefecture of Butare in general and in particular at the former National University of Rwanda (UNR in French Acronym). It’s a day dedicated specifically to the commemoration of students and staff killed at the former UNR where UR Huye campus is based at the present time.