About Us

Located at Huye Campus, the School of Social, Political and Administrative Sciences has five undergraduate departments, a post-graduate studies program and operates the Police Professional Studies program in Musanze and a Social and Military Sciences program in Gako. Lecturers from diverse backgrounds bring a wide range of qualifications, experience and skills to their teaching, research and consultancy activities.
Learning outcomes are directed at specific skill-sets and program areas are designed to produce capable and confident citizens who are able to contribute creatively to the development of the nation and the region. Equally, the School focuses on Rwanda's post-genocide context, reinforcing the nation-building goals of reconciliation and unity.
The School also houses several Centers that links the UR community with off-campus organizations engaged in rural development, post-conflict reconciliation, national unity-building, gender analysis, social change and post-trauma psycho-social counseling.

The School of Social, Political and Administration Sciences has been tasked with creating and directing a tertiary educational experience that integrates theoretical and applied research, teaching, and outreach on the causes, dynamics, and consequences of social, cultural, political, historical, organizational and economic change. Its purpose is to inspire the talented youth of Rwanda towards progressive ideals of nation-building and development, so they can help lift up the poor and marginalized, be instrumental in the on-going task of post-genocide reconciliation, and represent to the nation how serious, purpose-driven pedagogy helps to build a better and brighter future for all.

SSPAS was formed from the former Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, which was itself, the outcome of dividing the
Faculté des Sciences Economiques, Socialeset de Gestion. SESG was formed in 1995 when the National University of Rwanda was restarted after the Genocide.